John Strom: Elizabeth Grimm helps people reclaim their health |

John Strom: Elizabeth Grimm helps people reclaim their health

John Strom

It’s easy to see why Elizabeth Grimm is good at what she does — she’s lived it firsthand.

Elizabeth is a functional medicine certified health coach. Her interest in health and wellness coaching grew after overcoming her own health issues. For years she was confined to her home successfully working through treatment for Lyme disease, but in the end she was still not completely well. She found a clinic in Reno that specialized in functional medicine and chiropractic neurology, and after working with them she said she “couldn’t believe the transformation I experienced and those around me were experiencing. I was hooked!”

Elizabeth studied and completed a practicum to become a functional medicine certified health coach. Functional medicine looks at the root issues of disease. They look at the body’s fundamentals like sleep, stress, relationships, movement and food choices. Then they work together with a primary doctor to coach patients in making changes to these root issues to help improve overall health. Elizabeth described her role this way, “I join your treatment team and become your advocate and cheerleader. I will meet you where you are in life and help you to figure out how to make the diet and lifestyle changes necessary for optimum health. This may be sustaining a food plan your doctor has you on or figuring out how to be compliant with stress relieving activities like brain exercises or yoga.” It’s clear Elizabeth is passionate about working with clients on practical ways they can make lifestyle changes to reclaim their health.

Crystal speaks about her experience with Elizabeth as a coach: “Working with Elizabeth is an incredibly valuable experience. She is an inspirational person to be around, and her own health journey brings so much wisdom and experience to the table. She zeros in on your strengths that are already within you that will be assets to leverage in your unique journey toward health and wellbeing. She identifies practical and easily implemented fundamentals for you to build on in order to improve your health, and collaborates a manageable plan for enacting these positive changes within each session. She provides gentle, supportive accountability to help you reach your highest goals and potential. She is a cheerleader and knowledgeable coach and companion who demonstrates compassion, empathy and loyalty while focusing on positive, real solutions for you. She is an incredible asset to have in your corner and highly recommended. If you want to raise your game, she is the one to help you get there.”

Her coaching process is simple. She conducts customized one-on-one sessions via phone or virtually through HIPPA compliant video conference and provides ongoing support between sessions. She helps her clients set low-stress, manageable goals that work with their lifestyle to keep them moving forward, tracking metrics along the way to show progress using the Healthie app.

Elizabeth worked with SCORE to help set up her business.

“I knew what I wanted to do; I didn’t know how to get there,” she said. “My mentors helped me think through my business plan, work out the financials and helped me set up my website. They’ve been great!”

To learn more about functional medicine and how Elizabeth works as a coach, visit her website: Or give her a call at 775-230-5630.

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John Strom is a Certified SCORE mentor and author of Maximizing Your ROPI – Return on Your People Investment. He has more than 30 years of experience as a business trainer, coach and consultant.