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The Department of Conservation and Natural Resources donated $580 to

CASI thankful for generous donation

To the generous donors from the Department of Conservation and Natural Resources:

Carson Animal Services Initiative would like to thank you for your donation of $580. In addition to the wonderful surprise of hearing you hosted a fundraiser in which CASI was named as a beneficiary, we are incredibly grateful that you are so supportive of local non-profits!

Carson City’s animal shelter was built in the early 1960’s when Carson City had a population of 5,000 people. Fifty years later, our population has grown ten fold — yet our shelter remains the same. The donation made by your agency and the folks in the Bryan Building will help our CASI change this situation.

CASI has a strong volunteer base, and we are growing. All of our work, however, can’t be successful without the support of the community and the help of people like you. Again, CASI thanks you for your incredibly kind donation and for the confidence you have in the CASI organization.

Lisa Schuette

CASI chairperson