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Letter: Addressed to Sen. Bryan

by D. Young

In regard to the Black Rock Desert Emigrant Trail National Conservation Area Act of 2000, I ask that you reconsider your proposed bill to establish an NCA in the Black Rock-High Rock Desert area of Nevada. I speak as your constituent and I also remind you that several Nevada county commissions have opted to oppose this bill, the latest being Douglas County. They do so at the will of their constituents.

A very recent and comprehensive University of Nevada, Reno study concluded that a vast majority of the respondents (your constituents) wanted public lands protected by local governments, not the federal government.

The Lassen-Applegate (Emigrant) Trail is presently adequately protected by 16 layers of rules and regulations. Absolutely nobody familiar with that trail wishes to see it abused – the same people, without exception, agree that it is properly and suitably protected for the present and the future. Short of gating off the trail to all users, nothing further can be accomplished by an NCA.

Is it your intention to gate both ends of the Emigrant Trail? You claim that all present activities will be “grandfathered.” Every single previous NCA has, over a period of a short time, had access reduced and allotments either eliminated or dramatically reduced. You further claim that additional funds will be made available to BLM for maintenance. In fact, with every previous NCA, these additional monies were partly utilized to purchase adjoining private lands, reducing the county tax roll.

There are numerous additional reasons why this bill should be withdrawn.

Please consider NOT moving forward with legislation that is not desired by your constituents.