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Letter: appalled by negative comments

by C. Valentine

I would like to comment on the nasty letter written regarding the child’s fund-raiser. I was appalled when reading the unfounded tales. I also live in Johnson Lane and have had horse and show experience, perhaps not the 20 years that these people claim they have, but enough to know the costs.

I have limited myself and my daughter to smaller and more local shows just to keep the costs down. Should I and my daughter stop riding or riding in shows just because we can not afford to go to the Big Shows? Perhaps they did raise the entry fees by the deadline, wasn’t that the goal? What about the extra costs? Anyone who has horse show knowledge knows there are a lot of extra costs i.e. travel, lodging, food, feed for the horse and much more. What about the parents?

If your child was competing in a big competition wouldn’t you like to be there? What about the costs of getting the child’s parent there, for at least part of the time? Unlike the letter writers, the Bernards’ phone number is listed in the phone book, call them, ask them questions, I bet they will give you the opportunity to see the receipts and books on the Greater Nevada Credit Union account.

I did talk to the Bernards, I have seen the paperwork, I have seen the costs. The $1,400 will simply allow Brandi to ride at the show. I know that Susan Bernard has picked up a couple of extra jobs to put into the same fund that she is asking you to donate to. If you don’t want to donate to her cause, Just Say No. I don’t think people need to sabotage the hard work of others.

In my opinion, whoever wrote the letter is simply jealous that the Bernards didn’t just give up and say to their daughter “no, we can’t afford it.”

My name is listed in the phone book, if anyone feels the need to ask questions or make unfounded accusations, and don’t have the guts to go straight to the source, then feel free to contact me!