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Letter: BLM

by D. Jeakins

The feds have taken possession of private property (Mustang Ranch)

and this takes it off the tax rolls. Now the Bureau of Land Management is proposing to move the Palomino Valley wild horse holding area to Mustang. (Mustang – wild mustangs – good ring to it). They think!

The BLM states that it is running out of room at Palomino Valley? The

federal government owns 87 percent of Nevada. They have miles

of room at Palomino Valley – or all the rest of the state if it needs

room, either on BLM property or Forest Service property and NOT on private property.

They are running out of room where they are at now? How much room do

they think they have on a narrow strip of land right next to the Truckee


Have any of you been out to the holding facility at Palomino Valley –

smelled the scent? Looked at the tons of horse puckies? Not counting the

thousands of gallons of horse urine! The federal Environmental Protection Agency is after farmers, dairy farmers and the ranchers for polluting the water courses, making them fence off creeks and water courses (even if they are dry) forcing them to spend thousands of dollars to contain the animal waste from running into the creeks.

And the cost of disposing of the waste. That’s fine and should be done,

but the BLM should expect the same treatment as the legitimate businesses.

Now the BLM wants to pollute the Truckee River! When you get all the

horses corralled in this small area, the animal situation will be bad.

The city people move into a farming district and complain about the

smells from the farm animals, and then try and get the farms closed down from the smells.

Horse waste smell worse than cattle waste, it’s a much sharper smell.

Ever drive by a dairy farm and smell it? It’s bad — well what do you think the

horse pens are going to smell like? What about the flies? House flies, bot flies etc.

Keep the horse adoption center where it’s at now out away from people and

housing and away from the riparian areas and the Truckee River Riparian Area.

The feds make laws and enforce them against the people, business,

farmers and ranchers but think they (the bureaucrats) do not have to abide by the laws that we have to abide with.

Now what cost is this going to be to the taxpayer? Meeting all the EPA

regulations? The cost will by far outweigh the value of this horse puckie project and the value of the horses too.

An environmental impact study is and should be mandatory and is needed

for this project, that’s for sure. The BLM has to abide by the rules the same as everyone else.

The Federal Government have to make a in lieu of tax payments (if this

project is going to be done) to make up for the lost tax base from the house of ill repute’s annual tax bill to Storey County. Regardless of what you may think of that business, it was a legal business.

Then a complete cost analysis to go through with this scheme, the cost comparison to operate the facility where it is now or on other BLM or Forest Service land and at the river site. There has to be a totally more rigid standards by the river than out in the boondocks.

After all they have about 90,000 square miles to do it in, and not on tax-roll

private land (Mustang Ranch), a small acre’s area.

Whoever in the BLM who thought this up, must surely be smoking

something illegal don’t you think? It’s time to rein in the bureaucrats.