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Letter: BLM’s police-state tactics

by B. Roper

As of late, we have fought the Bureau of Land Management over police-state tactics on so-called public lands said to be owned by the federal government.

The Bullfish incident in Jarbidge over a washed-out road created by a flood. Now the fish in that stream will be endangered if they rebuild the road. Now the BLM wants to buy up Walker River water rights in an attempt, according to them, to save the Walker Lake. Also, the BLM is hinting about buying out the historic Carson City Ranch.

Sen. Bryan wants to make the Black Rock Desert into a conservation area. Then we have the American Heritage River Initiative, a wild land project. The river initiative is to create arbitrarily defined river communities in which land and water use policies would be placed under the control of the United Nations, elected unaccountable UN connected bureaucrats.

So far 14 rivers have been selected as Heritage Rivers. Our elected dictator is using executive orders to tie up millions of acres. Private property will be taken, and as the land grabbers put it, other environmentally sensitive areas will also be considered. Who makes that decision? They do, and if private property is in the way, goodbye. This grab seems to coincide with this thing called biodiversity. Their intention is to move all of the people into model sustainable cities and turn the great outdoors back to the way it was in 1492. Think about it, and in the process, wake up!