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Letter: Careless drivers take it out on new car

Dear Editor,

For the first time in my life I bought a new and NICE car! The first payment isn’t even due yet and already I have been the victim of TWO hit and runs! The first was at Costco in Reno, crowded parking lot and I’m pretty much over it.

Saturday, my husband and I parked my new car in the rear parking lot of Penney’s in Carson City figuring that would be a safe place. We were in Penney’s for maybe 30 minutes. To my dismay that was long enough for the person parked to my left to pull out from their parking space and drag their bumper along the rear passenger door and rear panel of my car!

You know who you are and I want you to know how badly you have hurt not only my car, but also ME! I come from a generation where I trust people, my fault… I am learning now that people just don’t care anymore.

It almost made me physically ill when we walked out of Penney’s and I saw the dent and scratch along the side of my new car!

The worst part is I can’t turn this in to my insurance for repair as it’s a “Catch 22”. Even though I was not even in the car my insurance premium will go up. So I won’t be turning this in and will always be reminded of the heartless and careless drivers that hit my car every time I see the dents.