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Letter: Carson Plaza party

by M. Goodrich

On New Years Eve (1999), the Carson Plaza gave the residents a free and pleasant millennium party. Being we are all quite up in years, we decided to watch the different countries reach their midnight time. After watching the new year as it appeared in New York City, many of the residents were ready to retire, but not before we all had some of the “bubbly” (apple cider and an assortment of tasty cookies). We also had a sing-along of Auld Lang Syne and then we hugged and exchanged Happy New Year with one another and took off for our individual “dug outs” for hopefully a good night’s sleep.

It really was quite nostalgic to most of us who have so many years of memories. But it softened many heart strings and we all pray the new year will ease some of the rough spots of hate and dissension. God bless you.


Carson City