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Letter: city unions

by T. Marangi

I am disappointed that the city employee unions have chosen to use low-level personal attacks instead of facts regarding the issue about the emergency dispatch computer system.

I am also disappointed that your paper made this a front page headline. Your goal should be to report facts, nor personal opinions, on important issues.

All parties involved in this decision should consider these facts:

1. Leasing the Reno system is not the answer to our problem. We must have our own system.

2. Whichever computer company we choose must be willing to sign a contract that will:

A. Guarantee, in writing, that the system will meet our needs within one year.

B. If the system fails to meet our needs, they will correct the problem at no cost to the city. The correction must be done immediately upon discovery of the problem.

C. There will be a penalty clause in the contract at a set amount to correct the failure if the company does not make the correction in a timely manner.

D. The company must provide a bond to cover the cost of corrections in the event the company fails to meet our needs.

E. The contract should not be paid in full until one year of problem-free operation and all corrections have been made by the company; for example, perhaps 25 percent down payment, and equal quarterly payments, subject to a report of operations after the system is implemented and working. The quarterly payments should not be paid until identified corrections are made.

The above facts should determine any decision to choose the computer company, not the low or high bid. All bids should include the above terms will be accepted and signed for in the approved contract.

Also, if I was making this decision, I would want verified testimony from other cities or government agencies that they have used this system and it works.

In my 40-year career in insurance claims management and 20 as an elected representative of public and private organizations, I have dealt with computer companies and promoters. If it is not in writing, they will not produce the results they say they can provide. Just like any salesman, they will tell you only what you want to hear.

I would suggest to the union and city employees that they have their representatives appear before the mayor and board of supervisors with factual information that meets the requirements I have stated above. The news media and personal attacks are not the proper method of reaching the goal of obtaining the system that will meet our needs for now and in the future.

Thank you for doing what is right rather than what is politically correct.


Carson City