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Letter: Clinton needs legacy

by L. Ward

Bill Clinton is looking for a legacy. He is not trying to do what is right, but what will give him a good report in the history books.

We frequently hear it said that Ronald Reagan presided over the “decade of greed” when referring to the 1980’s. In truth, Ronald Reagan brought about a decade of prosperity by cutting taxes and governmental regulations.

Most Americans in the 1980’s took advantage of the improved economic situation, not so they could “get rich,” but so they could recover from the financial problems they suffered in the 1970’s.

It is Bill Clinton who has truly presided over a “decade of greed.” He has ushered in the attitude of doing anything for money, including approving and glorifying immorality. Over the last few years we have watched as the president has done whatever he thought he had to in order to stay in office, so he could keep his paycheck and fancy lifestyle. Refusing to speak the whole truth in order to cover his reprehensible behavior is only one clear example. For fear of losing the momentum of our economy, many people opposed the impeachment.

Now Kit Miller appears to have adopted the same attitude of doing whatever for the sake of money, as expressed in her editorial on Jan. 12, “For the sake of tourism, let’s legalize gay marriage.” The idea of doing anything to make a buck, including demoralizing the family which is the primary building block of society, cannot fit into the definition of prosperity, but truly epitomizes greed.

Without the family unit people look to the government for support. If we degrade the family unit, big government fills the void. Do we want freedom which comes from personal responsibility and morality or do we want socialism? Do we want prosperity or do we want greed?


Carson City