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Letter: Clinton should listen to Pope

by M. Santomauro

In President Clinton’s State of the Union address before Congress this past January, he included on his “wish list,” the suggestion that Congress, and therefore, the people of the United States, should provide more economic support for the disadvantaged of the world.

His logic for aspiring to this noble endeavor, was based on opinions of many world leaders, including the Pope, who have stated that the richer nations of the world have a moral obligation to help the less fortunate among us.

I’m not faulting this noble aspiration.

However, I do find it less than genuine, when the president fails to listen to anything else the Pope has to say, like: Although abortion is legal, it is also morally wrong, evil and sinful!

This president even goes so far as to veto any attempt to prevent a woman from seeking a partial birth abortion – stating she has that “right” for “her own health.” There never has been, nor ever will be, such an instance. If a woman is healthy enough to carry a child to full term, there is no medical, logical or moral reason she cannot deliver the child!

One can only conclude this president is either amoral or downright stupid!

I am willing to bet, if there were a law, stating that any woman seeking to secure a partial birth abortion, must first be compelled to witness one such abortion, it would end partial birth abortion and probably any other abortions!

Perhaps the local newspapers could cover it for the public. You know, like viewing the executions of criminals!


Carson City,