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Letter: Constitution doesn’t give feds the right

Dear Editor,

With all the talk and bluster in Washington over the “need” for legislation restricting or eliminating sports betting, there is little discussion as to the Constitutionality of such efforts. The federal government possesses only those powers that are specifically outlined in the Constitution with all other reserved for the states or the people (10th Amendment).

Obviously, there is no mention of the federal government having the power to tell any state what they may or may not do respecting gambling of any kind. Therefore, I urge our political leadership to take a 10th Amendment stand against the imposition of any form of national gambling legislation. Should Nevada capitulate on sports betting, is it a matter of time before a new “study” or “committee” finds that other more intrusive federal gambling restrictions are needed? Sometimes political leadership requires a principled stand. What better principle to uphold than adherence to the Constitution!


Carson City