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Letter: Costco bringing out greed

by J. Sasso

Greed is a wonderful thing. The lead story in the Appeal epitomizes that position.

The Board of Supervisors hasn’t yet figured out how much Carson City is being played against Douglas County in the negotiation for Costco and the parasites are already looking for a share of the profits.

To Carole Vilardo, Bob Crowell and Kit Weaver (if Geoff Dornan’s article is accurate), I suggest you would be better served to become team players and work vigorously to make it happen. Let’s ensure the tax money actually is available, instead of counting potential new taxes, creating internal strife and placing your personal self interests above those of Carson City.

When and if Costco actually agrees to build in the city and the new store is a reality, there will be plenty of time to stake out your positions and promote your individual goals. And perhaps at that time, the rest of the citizens of Carson City will also have a say in how any a new taxes may be most effectively utilized.

Until reality is with us, let not greed come to the forefront.


Carson City