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Letter: Costco using us for the tease

by D. Bye

Carson City is acting like little boys hunting bear with a pop gun. It just doesn’t work.

They are trying to tell me that Costco is coming to town, but sorry, I say no way.

It is not only the park, new stalls, etc., but who is going to pay for the new intersection at 395, permits, road widening, lights, etc., etc.? All right, next to a major intersection now and even bigger soon. And what about Clear Creek itself? Last time I looked, it was owned by the state, more permits, etc.

We all have dreams of something big but the difference is knowing what you can and cannot have.

I’m sorry, but what we have to do to trap the bear, is a little too much. He is playing with us. The honey is better over the hill. He just wants them to sweeten the pot more by using us as the tease.

And shame on the boys for trying. Dollar signs or whatever, we don’t have what’s going to take to trap the bear. We have so much to do when just over the hill, they already have it done. Except for the price!


Carson City