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Letter: DC Trustees election

by B. Laughlin

The good news is that five of the seven Douglas County School District Board of Trustees’ seats are up for election this year. This gives the voters of Douglas County an opportunity to reclaim their hijacked district and to give positive direction to the superintendent or get a replacement.

The bad news is Dr. Clark has managed to hire an inordinate number of marginal to incompetent administrative cronies from out of state while passing over fully qualified district personnel. She has a reputation for allowing her unfit friends to remain at a district job even though she knows them to be deceitful. How nice it must be to be an out-of-state administrator in the hot seat and have a friend like Dr. Clark! The net results of her actions are that an extraordinary number of dedicated and loyal employees quit in disgust, and it’s our tax dollars paying for her folly.

The school board members are fully aware of what is going on through complaints they have received from a number of frustrated employees and rarely respond – they let Dr. Clark do it. Is the fox in charge of the chicken board?

And with all the skill of true lackeys, the board rewarded Dr. Clark with a raise and a three-year contract extension. Wow!

The message should be clear that the school district in Douglas County is out of control and the existing board is incapable of turning it around. In fact, the situation is extremely critical and now is the time for serious, concerned and competent people to consider running for the school board so the “DC” in DCSD can once again stand for “Douglas County” rather than “Dr. Clark’s.”


Zephyr Cove