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Letter: Doctor’s problems with visa solved with help

Dear Editor,

On behalf of Dr. Jeffrey Basa, Carson-Tahoe Hospital’s Board of Hospital Trustees, employees and medical staff, we would like to thank Sen. Richard Bryan, Tom Baker and Jude Greytak for their timely assistance.

Recently we had need of Sen. Bryan’s intervention in assisting Dr. Basa who has been in our community for several years and was having trouble renewing his visa. While this physician is an excellent clinician and well received by our community, this visa issue was depriving our community of a well-needed and experienced physician’s services.

Sen. Bryan asked Tom Baker, rural area director for Nevada, and Jude Greytak, constituent representative, to take on this issue. With the help of the Senator, they succeeded in straightening out the visa problem. Though many other people had attempted to resolve this, it took the intervention and time of the senator, Tom and Jude to resolve the matter.

We are positive that without their assistance, our community would have had one less quality physician, and we want to publicly thank them for their efforts. So if you see any of these people, please thank them on behalf of Carson-Tahoe Hospital and the community.


Chief Executive Officer


Board of Hospital Trustee

Carson-Tahoe Hospital