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Letter: don’t sacrifice Fuji Park

To the editor:

We believe that the government function is to make public life better, it is what people pay their taxes for.

Looking for tax money to increase city revenue is not wrong. But, cities sacrificing public recreation fairgrounds (Fuji Park) for the tax money is against government (public) principle.

Carson City population is designed for 50,000. And there is only one Fuji Park where the public can participate in large out door events. City government should protect it from any reason to change it.

On December 18, 1999 the Nevada Appeal article “Costco Playing Carson Off Douglas” our mayor Mr. Masayko is right, “don’t be short sighted as a lap dog, and let the businessmen play the city for a sucker.”

There is a saying “Money makes the mare to go” but, not the government. City government should stand up for the public principle.

William M. Hui

Carson City