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Letter: Farmer column

I read and enjoy the comments of Guy W. Farmer because he seems mostly to come down on the side of common sense as distinguished from the liberal left wing palaver. However, I believe that in his comments published Jan. 16 where he took issue with Bob Thomas, the thrust was misdirected with, “Some voters – the rich ones – are more equal than others.” I did not see that in the article by Mr. Thomas, and quite frankly, the observation could well have been offered by the corrupt Clinton group. Financial well-being is not the cure.

In the objections offered up by leading Republicans, the point is well taken that we may legislatively clamp down on any group, including the arrogant union leaders who – along with Clinton – thumb their collective noses at the “Beck Rule,” as announced by our court of last resort. Picking on wealthy people, the producers in our society, is typical tax-and spendocrat public distortion, ignoring the statistical proof that they are leading beneficiaries of rich person largess. This goes hand in hand with the utter distortion that big business is in the Republican pocket when the clear data showed that in 1992, for example, Republicans received only 17 percent of “big business” contributions, and by any measure, big business needs government assistance even if it simply means staying out of the way so they can support the party in power. But clamping down on money supply doesn’t solve the real problem.

In a society that has become content with mediocrity and gullible masses, the power lies in the hands of the liberal, left wing, so-called news media, and it does not cost the Democrats (tax and spendocrats) one thin dime. Republicans must get their message across through buying access to the voters, and Mr. Farmer, that really isn’t a difficult concept to understand, plus McCain scares me.