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Letter: Forest Service comes to the rescue

My heartfelt thanks to the Forest Service. I called up their office in Carson because I had a bird pecking at my house quite often. When I went out to see what it could be, I also saw a mess on the outside of the house.

A ranger came out to see what was going on. He decided it was a Northern Flicker (woodpecker). Also, it had been living in our attic – getting in through a vent hole.

Next day he came out again with a wire netting and covered the vent holes. Although he was recovering from knee surgery, he climbed up on the ladder. Next he hosed down the house where our friend had made a pretty bad mess.

The ranger (biologist) said that these birds come down from the north because their feed is getting scarce and also it’s warm here.

I was glad to get rid of the mess, and I didn’t want a hole pecked in the house, but the next day the bird was looking sadly at the flowering plum tree. That was the last day I saw him.


Carson City