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Letter: gay marriage

by M. Santomauro

I read Kit Miller’s opinion that Nevada should legalize gay marriages for the good of Nevada’s tourist industry. Perhaps Ms. Miller, among others, does not understand what a marriage is or the reason for its existence.

God’s Natural Law for the continuation of most of life on this planet, requires a male and a female. The purpose of marriage, which is also God’s idea, not ours, is for men and women to participate in the continuation of the human specie, subject to His Natural Law and His Ten Commandments.

That does not mean homosexuals should be discriminated against.

By the same token, they should not expect those who know homosexuality is morally wrong, to deny this truth for their convenience.

Ms. Miller’s recounting that Nevada was the first “Mecca for adults” seeking here, what they could not get anywhere else, is not, by some standards, anything to be proud of. As for using legalized “gay marriages” as a means to enhance Nevada’s tourist industry: Does that mean it’s all right to allow, say, murder, if it will help the state get rid of a criminal problem? It

makes about as much sense!

Personally, I feel Nevada has a lot more to offer the world than a means to offend the God, Who instituted marriage. And I really don’t believe He is going to be easily put off by: “It was for the good of Nevada’s tourist trade!”


Carson City