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Letter: Government agencies have hidden agenda

After years of trying to work with the various governmental agencies who control “our” public lands, we have discovered they lie. To some the term “lie” is too strong. How about “misrepresent the truth.”

Always, when we are allowed to view the draft copy, it is something we can support. When the final version is published, however, it is entirely different. The open multiple use land has disappeared and in its place are vast closures to protect some obscure organism. Of course this will be the only known habitat this far north. Even though it has survived with exploration and mining around it, the occasional off-road visitor will destroy it.

This is why knowledgeable public land users always oppose any “new designation.” If the federal government would tell the truth “up front” about land redesignations, maybe we would be in favor of some. But the feds have a long way to go, and I don’t think they will even try.

I have enjoyed exploring our “public lands” for 39 years and have watched the amount of accessible land shrink to a pitiful fraction of what was originally available only 25 years ago. Just look at the vast closures in California. Unfortunately, Nevada is next in line.

Not all of us want to spend our weekends watching “the big game” on TV.


Carson Valley