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Letter: Guinn spending

by D. Hurley

If Kenny Guinn and the rest of the government used the monies they received from the tobacco companies to compensate the government from monies spent to repair health problems resulting from use of their product, that would be fair. To use the monies for anything else is no different from the crime syndicates which extort monies from people.

The government claims the tobacco companies did not tell the truth about tobacco. Aside from “That’s like the pot calling the kettle black,” anyone with half a brain should be able to figure out that filling your lungs with smoke, which normally uses oxygen to keep any body operating, is not smart! Is the public, which supposedly is now more aware of the dangers of tobacco, any more inclined not to smoke? Certainly not! People tend to do what they want to do, come hell or high water.

With this in mind, is the government now going to ask for a piece of other legitimate businesses, say, car manufacturers, who make a product that, if driven by a drunk diver, can result in the death of another unsuspecting individual? Is the government going to siphon off monies from Internet carriers because some people use the Internet to cheat others or worse?

Is the government going to extort monies from the pharmaceutical companies because some people died from some products, which either erroneously passed government inspection or worse, because the “government” allowed the products to be sold without bothering to inspect them?

Why is the government not being prosecuted for misappropriation of funds for funneling monies, intended for a specific use, into totally unrelated projects? And why, if they’re so darned concerned for the problems of tobacco, don’t they simply outlaw it and have the farmers who produce it produce more food? The food the farmers cannot sell, the government could purchase to feed the hungry of the world when they wouldn’t have to tax the citizenry more to do the same thing!

And people wonder why our world is in such a state!