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Letter: I want a tax cut

by N. Pawlak

Re liberal Chris Matthews, “Don’t rock the boat … is that what you want?”

My answer is a “hell no!” I’ll tell you what I want.

I want a tax cut – one big tax cut! Remember scumbag Clinton ran on cutting taxes in his first candidacy in 1992; later in Houston, Texas, he admitted he raised taxes too high.

As I approach my 70th year, I want a voucher system for parents with school age children. That means get the federal government out of education and let local people decide what schools are good for their children.

How can you ignore vouchers when scumbags Clinton and Gore sent theirs to private schools?

For those who are unfamiliar with Chris Matthews and his TV program “Hard Ball” – he is an astute political student. He wrote speeches for Jimmy Carter and worked for Tip O’Neill when speaker of the house during the Reagan administration. I mention this only to expose how the liberal media can manipulate bias.

In my opinion, neither Gore nor Bradley will win the 2000 presidential race, but check out Matthews’ words! He is admittedly a pro-Gore supporter and would like you liberal Democrats to do the same!

Note – Matthews writes, “Bill Bradley, the former Princeton all-American Olympic NBA star.”

When scumbag Clinton ran for the Democratic nomination in 1992, Clinton is a Rhodes Scholar! Come to find out, Clinton did three things while at Oxford. He led anti-American demonstrations during the Vietnam War. He traveled behind the “iron curtain” with special privileges bestowed to him – never explained! And thirdly, he never completed any academics.

But did Matthews mention that Bradley is a bonafide Rhodes Scholar? Don’t ever think it was an oversight!

And since I’m on a roll, just what the hell is Bryan doing in Africa as he is leaving the Senate, and how is that helping the Nevada taxpayers?

I don’t have time to get on our other useless senator, Reid. What a nothing.


Carson City