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Letter: in response to false letter

by S. Bernard

In response to a letter written about our family: The Nevada Appeal checked the personal information given by the people who wrote the letter and found that these people had given completely false information. Unfortunately there are people such as these that feel the need to make up lies and spend time interfering with other peoples lives and business. Perhaps, these people, who ever they are, should spend a bit of time looking in the mirror and passing judgment on themselves.

I do not have any bitterness toward these people and will not look any farther to find them. Especially during this Christmas season, my time is better spent with my family and friends.

My family and I would like to thank all those who have continued to stand by us and have helped us reach our goals. Please know that we raised our entry fees and have sent in our entry form with all fees due. We are, however, still raising money for all the extra costs involved in getting to and our stay in Scottsdale, Ariz. I have taken extra jobs myself in order to do all I can to get my daughter to this event.

Monies raised will be used for this horse show and the costs surrounding it. All money left over after the Feb. 18-27 event will be donated to our Minden based pony club, Silver State Pony Club, which is a non-profit organization. Please feel free to contact me at any time. I am listed and easily found in the local phone book. I will be more than happy to show exactly where all monies have gone and are going.

I will be writing to the Appeal from time to time to keep you updated on our progress and especially after the show to let you know about Brandi’s experience.


Johnson Lane

Editor’s note: As noted in Susan Bernard’s letter above, the names signed to a letter in Tuesday’s Appeal criticizing the fund-raising effort apparently were fake. We apologize to the Bernard family for the distress this caused them.