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Letter: lack of public transportation a shame

by D. Norman

I recently relocated to Carson City from Medford, Ore. Initially I arrived to visit an old friend, and with much mixed feelings, I have decided to stay as the employment opportunities have proven to be quite inviting.

However, I have found a glitch that is proving to be quite a problem. I have found that the lack of public transportation and rather shocking in light of the mass gambling economy and the free cocktails that often go hand in hand with the gambling economy and tourism.

I would personally like to “petition” as it were to the public to rally for public buses, to the chamber of commerce, mayor, all who have the powers that be for the safety of the public, man, woman and child in the event one does accept a free cocktail as it is no secret alcohol impairs good sense. It’s unfortunate but a fact.

It’s true taxis are available, but oftentimes one way, for example from Mound House to Carson City, is at least $15. I have a friend on dialysis who clearly must be at dialysis three times a week, is on a very limited budget and most of the time has to hire a taxi to either get to his treatment and back or both.


Carson City