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Letter: law regarding Cuban boy unfair

by G. Raub

I’m writing to you to ask why the United States gets involved in other countries’ problems. For instance, the little 6-year-old from Cuba. As a father, I feel for the boy’s loss, but I also feel for the father who wants him back with him. First of all, he was being brought here illegally.

The father shouldn’t be required to go anywhere to get his son. If INS and the U.S. are so interested in helping people, why don’t they help me? I served my country for 20 years and in Vietnam for two tours. I retired in the Philippines. I married in 1991. My wife had three girls, all of whom I adopted. I was able to get two to the states, and I was told the other would have to wait for a quota number.

It’s been five years since my two other daughters have seen their sister. My wife was able to visit back in ’94. Each holiday season is hard on my wife. We were always a close-knit family, but not at this time. It hurts a lot.

Why should my daughter be held in the Philippines against her will because I didn’t marry her mother before she turned 18? The U.S. and INS always seem to make exceptions for hundreds and thousands of people each year that we don’t hear about. All I’m ever told is that’s the law.

I know nothing will be done, but I had to write. I’m sure that I’m not the only one in this situation. Let’s help our own and our vets first.


Carson City