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Letter: linear park

Just imagine living in a city with a linear park connecting all the recreational areas, schools and shopping areas adjacent to the new bypass.

Imagine living in a place where it is possible to walk or ride your bicycle through town. Imagine living in a place where your children could use their own infinite energy to get from one friend’s home to another. This could

happen in Carson City if we plan now.

Imagine as a driver, having bicycles and pedestrians off the road so the driver can concentrate on driving, not on unexpected travelers. Imagine your friends who left here last year, returning in five years to see that Carson

City decided to become a beautiful place to live, not just an average place to live. Imagine a city that has taken a step toward reducing pollution by increasing the ease of walking and bicycling. This could happen in Carson

City if we plan now.

Imagine the economic prosperity that accompanies tourists who find a city a scenic destination. Take a look at our beautiful state capitol grounds and imagine how a continuation of this concept along the bypass would add appeal to our home. This could happen in Carson City if we plan now.

If you support landscaping and a linear park being built along with the bypass, please speak up now. The Nevada Department of Transportation is in the process of eliminating these features from the final bypass plans. Let our supervisors know how you feel, tell the governor, tell our state representatives or anyone else you know who needs to know we care so that they can support these interests. Carson City will become an even better place to live if we plan now.


Carson City