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Letter: mailbags a needless waste

by staff

At a time when individuals, organizations and even nations recognize the immediate need to reduce the manufacture of needless waste and are searching for ways to conserve earth’s dwindling resources, it is difficult to believe the Postal Service would consider wrapping the mail of each and every postal customer in a 14×18 inch heavy plastic bag.

The volume of useless waste, if the concept were used nationwide, is almost beyond comprehension.

Recyclable? Realistically, what percent of plastic is actually being recycled nationwide?

Of equal concern is the mentality of those postal authorities who permitted such an ill-conceived idea to even be considered.

If this potential increased volume of waste is not enough to choke or chill, consider: the cost of bag purchase, graphic design and printing, distribution, specially designed holders and boxes to accommodate the large slippery bags … and the announcement recently, by the Postal Service, that the price of stamps will be increased. Wow!


Carson City