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Letter: massage training in Carson

by V. Baum

I thank you for the wonderful article on student massages in Tuesday’s

health and fitness section, titled “Hands-on training.” The article shows

massage and massage schools, especially those with a student clinic, in a

very favorable light and the article is a wonderful endorsement for trying

massage therapy.

I wonder if anyone at the Appeal realized that we have such a school and program right here in Carson City? As a matter of fact, our program is just about identical to the ones in the article. We have a 600 hour program, prepare students for licensing, prepare for the National Certification Test, have a student clinic for hands-on training and charge $25 for a one hour student massage. Our curriculum provides training in numerous styles of massage coving therapeutic, sports, shiatsu, acupressure and much more.

Plus, prospective students and those who wish to get a massage in a student clinic do not have to fly to Minneapolis! The flight increases the cost of a massage considerably. I know because my daughter goes to the University of Minnesota in Minneapolis and I know what the

airfares are.

So thanks again for a great article and, since I frequently take out ads in your paper for our student massage clinic, perhaps the article will encourage some folks to try massage therapy locally at our clinic. Its a shame that no one at the paper looked locally for information regarding this article. We would have been glad to help, and we would have been even happier to have been mentioned in the article.


Baum Healing Arts Center

School of Massage