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Letter: misinformation in another letter

M. Peterson

To the editor:

This letter is intended to correct the misinformation that appeared in a letter to the editor on Dec. 12, entitled “State Negotiates With No Provision for bid.”

In fact, the bidding process for the statewide testing contract occurred twice, first in June of 1999 and again in August-September. Although the “Request for Proposal” was distributed to at least 50 potential contractors, no bids were received the first time. One bid, from CTB/McGraw-Hill was received and accepted in September.

The process was conducted by the Division of State Purchasing in accordance with all state laws and regulations. The State Board of Education and members of the legislature have been apprised of the process during several public meetings that have been posted in accordance with the Open Meeting Law. I hope this will set the record straight.


Mary L. Peterson

superintendent of public instruction