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Letter: New Life Center

by staff at center

To the editor:

On Nov. 6, 1999 Rhonda Costa-Landers ran an article in the Appeal concerning the newly developed Carson City New Life Center. In the article she reported the centers desire to help young people achieve new levels of success in their lives. Since the New Life Center is a non-profit organization that doesn’t charge a fee for the services it provides, obviously financial donations can effect the amount of time we can offer ourselves to these young people.

We are very pleased to write this letter to the people of Carson City and to the staff of the Nevada Appeal that have really made an effort to support the Center and our efforts to reach out to the young people in the Carson area. We would like to thank the following people and companies for their generous support of the Carson City New Life Center:

Rhonda Costa-Landers at the Nevada Appeal for believing we can make a difference in the lives of young people in our community through the various programs offered at the Center.

Sheila in the cash office at Wal-Mart for making possible the donation given on behalf of Wal-Mart.

Cliff and Lori Cardella and Rick and Melissa Worstell, owners of Interquest Communications for their tithe and offering to the support of the New Life Center.

Office Depot C.P. center manager Paula Clow and staff Gennie Rittman, Sharon Kanter, and Karen O’Keefe for their generous gift of time and resources to the support of the Center.

Owners of the Complete Furniture Outlet, Jonathan and Shanna Herman for their help and provision to the Center.

Trip and Kel Aiken of Silverton Inc. who continue to bless us with their caring provision of our facility.

Thanks to “big Ed,” Shannon and Nikki for their generous contributions in the support of the center and our Christmas toy drive for families in need and the friendship they have given us here at the Center.

John Van Cliff of the Salvation Army for the distribution of those toys and clothes.

Straight Blast Gym for the use of their facility and instructors who have shared their gifts and talents with the young people who have come to the Center.

Carson City Christian Fellowship and Pastor Pat Propster and family who made this all possible through the grace of our Lord Jesus Christ in the raising up of servants at the Center.

To the people who have sent in donations and prayers to C.C.C.F. on behalf of the Center.

Greatest of all to God our father for drawing over 60 kids the first night open to the public as we shared His love and word while we put on demonstrations in the martial arts. By his grace we will be open every Friday at 7 p.m. starting Jan. 7, to all who come to the center in need.

If anyone desires to help and support the Carson City New Life Center or learn more about us, they can contact Pastor Pat Propster at 883-5215 or Cory Reeves directly at the Center at 885-9914 in care of Straight Blast Gym for more details.

A very special thank you to all who have helped and to those who continue to help us reach out to the young people in our community.

The staff at the Carson New Life Center