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Letter: Nutritional program makes for healthy boy

Dear Editor,

I had lost a child in previous years,

No full-term baby, I had cried through my tears,

Then I found WIC, a nutritional program,

For Women, Infants and Young Children.

They taught me good health, what to eat and how to live,

Soon my health improved and completeness into my life did give,

A turning point into a direction,

So health became an important dedication.

Education Nutrition counseling only a special type of person can give,

They taught me how to once again to live.

Today my son is healthy and five,

I thank Carson City WIC that he is alive,

And fell so blessed to have known the staff at Carson City WIC,

Who taught me the value of good health.

And do you know what? Today my son’s health is my greatest wealth. No money or anything else can compare,

to what they gave me from their hearts so clear.


Carson City