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Letter: Old codgers

by R. Montrose

My sentiments exactly in regard to the letter from Dick Murray of his reply to Jim and Lori Ross’ comments about the “old codgers.” My first impression after reading their letter was they must be a couple of adolescents. Then reading it again, I decided they must be a couple of brainwashed liberals.

Where have these two people been that they evidently don’t know the history of this country? Who were the people who sacrificed, some with their very lives, for this country? Well, we all know it is “the old codgers” who built this country into what these two, I’m thinking they are young people, are now probably living a very comfortable life, thanks to the old codgers.

I wonder what these two have contributed. There is plenty to do out there. But I would not want such as these with their warped views to be teaching the very young of this country. This country depends upon the values and the true history being taught to the young who will eventually be the leaders of this country.

People such as these are wasting their talents on begrudging these old codgers their constitutional rights. Have they heard of the First Amendment? Freedom of the press? Freedom of speech? Evidently this only applies to them and to those who agree with their viewpoints.

Heaven help us, I think we should all go out there and find the Constitution and the Bill of Rights and read them and refer to them many times. It represents what we are.


Carson City