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Letter: pay for coach

by L. Ward

I was struck by the headline on the Thursday sports page that announced the new football coach for UNR. The pay for the coach will be $225,000 for his first year.

This is especially interesting since recent news articles have stated the university/college system in Nevada is short on money. The suggestions of raising tuition or taking money from property taxes (which would raise taxes) have both been floated.

Where will UNR get that kind of money? Is there some clause in the contract that says the school will bring in substantial revenues from football? Is UNR football self-supporting? How much more is also paid for scholarships for the players?

A current announcement for a full-time instructor position in the computer field lists the starting salary range as $30,140-$42,158, depending on experience. Part-time faculty are paid even less per class than full-time instructors. Is one football coach worth as much as six or more full-time faculty? Who knows what the salary disparity will be a few years down the road?

I realize academics are not as important to society as football, but a university is supposed to be about educating all the students. Tuition and property taxes are already high enough.


Carson City