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Letter: plastic mailbags

by staff

Here we are at the start of our new millennium, and what’s new?

Three hundred plastic bags in our mailboxes, “each,” in the course of just one year. Our post office is turning our mail into “billboards” to make advertising revenue.

Each day, another plastic bag. Will you recycle? Will I? I have a hard time being responsible with recycling newspaper, glass, cans, bottles and grocery bags. Now another poses even another task.

It’s certain that my complaint to the post office will not stop any of their plans to keep this new service of “today’s mail” from reaching everyone its advertising is aimed at. My complaint was simply fixed by mounting a mail box next to my front door. My problem was that I have a mail slot. That means the open bag of mail was inserted into my house and then my cat promptly chewed up the bag!

The bag also states, “Misuse may cause suffocation.” When I got my mail box, that solved my problem. Am I the only one in Carson City with a mail slot and a small animal? It’s most likely that other people may also be having opinions on this also for other reasons!

Now I need to figure space for six recycling bins I’ll be attending to in my new millennium! Hmmmm, now I know what Yucca Mountain feels like!


Carson City