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Letter: pool needs a heater

by A. Uptergrove

A call for public action at the Carson City swimming pool.

Why: Freezing conditions in the whole area which include all locker rooms, restrooms, the exercise room and pool area.

The potted plants in the foyer are moving from cold air blowing on them. The lifeguards are ill with colds and are sitting there with coats on. The receptionist stands with a blanket around her shoulders.

Numerous senior citizens are down with colds.

Our tax money has been wasted on inefficient construction of this pool.

Our aqua club membership 75 seniors are not swimming any more. Numerous calls have been made to the local authorities, and each blames the next person in line and in the meanwhile, we are all freezing or doing without facilities. People are walking away from using the pool, and this is a great money loss to all of us taxpayers. Never mind the three-month delay in the construction of the pool. That was bad enough. Now this is the final blow.

Remedy: We taxpayers will be bringing down electric heaters, and I am addressing 74 people to do just that. Affirmative action seems to be the only answer.


Carson City