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Letter: Project Genesis

by J. Sadilek

In the article on the front page of Wednesday’s Appeal (Nov 17), Assemblyman Bob Beers is reported as stating that Project Genesis is budgeted for $26 million and projected to cost $33.6 million when completed. “But (quoting the Appeal) he said DMV has actually spent just

$14 million on the system so far. He said that is far less than the $35 million reported a different times.”

It appears to me that Assemblyman Beers has revealed to us a Pandora’s Box that begs to be opened. How is it possible that it was repeatedly misreported that $35 million had been spent on the Genesis Project and no one in State government ever stepped forward with a

correction? The difference between $14 million and $35 million is a not inconsequential amount.It strains one’s imagination to believe that no one in the DMV, the Legislature or the Governor’s Office would seek to correct such an apparently blatant misstatement, especially when taking in consideration all the bad press the whole Genesis Project garnered.

Who generates these figures? Is someone being creative with the truth? And, the biggest question of all: If the Genesis Project is now up and running with only some final bugs to be worked out, and only $14 million has been expended to date; how is it possible that the final bill is expected to be $33.6 million?


Carson City