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Letter: prom controversy

by J. Mongan

In reply to the letter to the editor from Marcia Funk:

Was Marcia Funk at the school board meeting on Jan. 25? I was, and I didn’t see any rebellious students. Since when don’t the students have the right to ask (not demand) for a modification (not abolishment) of a standing rule? This is the United States of America the last time I looked.

Most of these students are of voting age and that makes them fully vested

citizens. They are grown up enough to serve and defend their country as

well. These students were following the prescribed and respectful way to

effect a change. How dare someone criticize their right to take part in the


Mr. Adair’s illness was not involved whatsoever in this matter. It was not widely known until after this article was published. It might be better if Ms. Funk opened her mind and heart and looked at things from their point of view.


Carson City