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Letter: prom date controversy

by R.L. Baker

I could hardly believe the indignant letter in the Feb. 1 paper regarding the supposed lack of respect by both the Appeal and the CHS students in their request to be heard by the school board regarding the prom.

Since when don’t the students have a right to “go over the head of their principal and stomp their feet in front of the school board of trustees and earn a front page article in the paper?” And by the way, since the school board has not acknowledged the students by putting their concerns on their agenda, when did the students “stomp their feet?” As a reader of letters to the editor, I noted that the letters from students were open and above board and politely written.

The argument comparing the refusal to allow attendance of non-CHS students to the prom but yet allowing attendance to other school functions is quite valid. This rationale is sending mixing messages and makes no sense. The prom is a very important event for graduating seniors. They are not children but maturing young men and women who deserve the right to voice their concerns. Do you consider them to be children with no rights whatsoever until they instantly become adults when they walk away with diplomas in their hands? Or, do you recognize their budding maturity and the right to be treated as any of us should be treated who have valid concerns? The editorial in this same paper really tells it like it is.

With all of the horrors of Columbine and subsequent tragedies, how can this pettiness by the school board and the principal be justified? It seems as though they are relying on the old “logic” of “Because I said so” in order to justify their stand.

I’m truly sorry that Mr. Adair has had heart surgery and hope for his speedy recovery. My husband had this same surgery and I can readily identify with his situation. However, the letter infers that the lack of reference to Mr. Adair’s surgery in the article which stated he was “unavailable for comment” is portrayed as unfeeling. Is it possible the Appeal was not yet aware of his situation at the time of their article?

Just one more statement before anyone decides I’m not qualified to have an opinion; I no longer have children in the school system but I do have grandchildren who attend Carson schools in several grade levels and one recent graduate.


Carson City