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Letter: prom date requirement is reasonable

by M. Funk

I have no argument with anyone regarding the right to question. To the best

of my knowledge, no one has ever been struck by lightning for “asking.” I don’t know if any of the letters written in response to mine of Feb. 1 have

raised families have children in school (with the exception of the Costella family) or have ever been accountable to multiple agencies under whose codes they must abide by, or if any of you have ever been responsible ultimately for the mental and physical welfare of some 2,400 minors five days a week plus.

It is nice to read that you know about the Boston Tea Party. I would like to

know if any of you have read the Carson High School Student handbook. If not, please refer to Page 2.

And IF you really think that student Costella et al did their civics homework, let’s take a look at how government works. I ask you each: Did the students approach their class president? Did the class president call for a senior class meeting regarding this issue?

Was a vote taken by the senior class and moved by majority vote in favor

passed on to the Student Body Council? Did the student body president submit “in writing” the request to the school administration for discussion and decision?

I will repeat what I had originally said, “The students asked and were told

NO.” There is such a thing called a chain of command.

My husband and I, between the two of us have raised and parented nine

children. The last and youngest attends Carson High. I want my child to be safe and be able to sieze every opportunity for learning possible. I know exactly how much these dances cost. We spent over $200. for the Christmas Ball which we snuck by and took a peek.

It was just beautiful. The faculty, parents and students truly put together a lovely event. And guess what? There were no outsiders (non-registered students of the high school).

This argument that these students are presenting is not about civil rights

or the First Amendment … it’s about one student out of 2,400 wanting to invite a friend that doesn’t attend the school and he (they) are demanding special privileges that the rest of the school does not receive.

I never said these students were undesirables, but their method of

approaching their goal is way out of line. And if you are so outraged, let me remind you that we all have opinions.

I will be there for the meeting on Feb. 8. And I, unlike the rest of you have asked some “why’s” and found a few of the county and government agencies

that the Carson High School administration and the School Board have to answer to as well as employ school policies within their criteria.

No, I hate to disappoint you, but my history teachers would not be shaking

their heads. My civic teachers would be smiling and anyway, who cares? That is not the issue.

See you on Feb. 8 at 7 p.m. sharp. This issue is the first on the agenda so

be prompt.


Carson City