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Letter: prom flap

by V. Letts

Regarding the flap over the senior prom – I cannot believe what I am reading.

When I was a senior at Los Angeles High School, I was going steady with a boy from Hollywood High. My best friend was going with a boy that had already graduated and was attending UCLA and he accompanied her to the prom.

Granted it was about 40 years ago, but my boyfriend came to my senior prom and I went to his. Senior proms are a very important part of life during your high school years. I can still remember what I wore, where we had dinner before the prom, the corsage I was given and the wonderful evenings we had. Even though I broke up with the boy shortly before graduation, theses are memories I will always cherish.

I simply do not understand what point is being made by allowing only Carson High school

students to attend. To me going to the prom with just anyone (another student) seems like a waste of time and money. It is an important event in everyone’s life and should be shared by someone important in the student’s life. If the school is so worried about security, perhaps adding additional security for the evening might be an alternative. There are always ways to

work around problems; however, throwing up roadblocks in front of seniors does not seem to be appropriate behavior for the school administrators.

Virginia Letts

Dayton, Nevada