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Letter: prom restriction

by A Heinz

I would like to express my concern, regarding the newly formed prom

policy at Carson High School. I am a senior at Carson High and I cannot

comprehend why we students cannot bring a student from outside the high


We are young adults and we should be able to decide who we want to bring to prom. I mean, what is next, having assigned prom dates? Mr. Adair

has a very valid concern of student safety; however, there has never been a

problem before. I am sure school safety enforcement will be on hand as well

as sheriff’s officers. And if it is such a safety issue, why is it that CHS

allows children from other schools to come to sporting events without parent signatures and CHS also allows others to use the shooting range. How safe is that?

If we are going to really talk safety, how can we let Douglas students

to bring guns on our campus to use the range? When has that been a safety



Carson City