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Letter: purse stolen

by V. Pardee

Today I’m truly outraged! How dare you, whoever you are, steal the purse of

an elderly widow right out of the waiting room at her doctor’s office today

in Carson City!

It’s already sad enough that my friend is a widow, in poor health with a myriad of health problems, just recovering from another breast cancer surgery, living alone only on Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid, has no family living near her and is no longer unable to drive anymore.

After her postoperative visits today, she was looking forward to treating

her friend to lunch for driving her to her appointments, followed by her

first shopping outing in a long time, hoping to do a little Christmas

shopping with the money she had scrimped and saved.

But YOU had to ruin that! Hopefully you are in more need than she is. Fine, take the money, but at least leave her purse where somebody with a heart can find it and return her precious photos of family members, her identification, insurance cards, etc.

Not only has she lost her money and identification, but now she has had the added expenses of replacing her locks, changing her bank accounts, etc.

Money she could ill afford to spend not to mention the anxiety and hassles

that go along with it which obviously doesn’t aid a speedy recovery.

She has had an awful year in many more ways and is losing faith in people as fewer and fewer people anymore seem to really care about the poor and elderly.