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Letter: response to Dallas letter

by T. Holdsworth

This is in response to the article written by Nancy Dallas. I really enjoyed Nancy’s article until the end. I don’t believe any Nevadans want increased taxes. But we always fail to recognize what politicians are really doing. When they want to raise taxes, especially for SCHOOLS, they pick a subject that is making too much money. And we all know everyone is against making too much money.

Remember when Gov. Bob Miller created a tax for schools based on the number of employees you had? There was no outcry. It only taxed employers. I cannot profess to know what tax structure is correct for anyone. I only know that Sen. Joe Neal’s proposal is one that all politicians use.

All of us must stop and think, who and what is next? What if Sen. Neal decided that all motor home owners should pay an 80 percent increase in license fee to reduce the outrageous fees for auto licenses? What if he decided that all retired citizens who had an income level above the poverty level should pay a state tax? What if?


Carson City