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Letter: Rocker’s freedom of speech

by A. Edwards

Leftist Clinton suck-ups can get by with an outrageous statement they make without any criticism. They will never be criticized or held accountable by the media.

It is all right for Alec Baldwin to call for the stoning to death of impeachment chairman Henry Hyde and his family on a late night talk show to a wildly cheering audience. It’s OK for movie producer Spike Lee to call for the shooting of NRA President Charlton Heston with a “.44 bulldog.”

It is just fine for Julianne Malvieux to suggest that Clarence Thomas’ wife feed him greasy food to make him have a heart attack. It’s peachy keen for Eleanor Clift to refer to the House impeachment managers as KKK night riders with their white sheets missing and Tom Lantos to refer to them as Nazis. It’s free speech at its finest when Atlanta Braves owner Ted Turner calls Christianity a “religion for losers.”

But when Atlanta Braves pitcher John Rocker voices his opinion about taking a New York subway and sitting next to a punk with purple hair, a homosexual with AIDS and a 20-year-old mother with four kids or walking down the street and seeing mostly non-English speaking foreigners, he is suddenly a nut case who must have his head examined before returning to the pitcher’s mound.

Political dissenters in the Soviet Union were also sent to “psycho wards.” The Chinese send their dissenters to slave labor camps. Other Communist regimes maintain “reeducation” or “re-indoctrination” centers for the politically incorrect. We have arrived at the “psycho ward” level of punishment for politically incorrectness.

How far away is the reeducation phase? Government schools are doing the job on the younger generation now. How far away are the slave labor camps? A lot closer than you think. Have you heard of Unicor prison industries? If not, you will.


Carson City