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Letter: roundabout or extension of Parkhill

by E. Reilly

As a resident of the Riverview Park area, I drive through the Fifth and Edmonds roundabout on a daily basis. Traffic is pretty heavy at the morning and evening commute and extra heavy when school is in session.

I think the roundabout will be a bear to navigate during the winter due to ice and snow.

In the interest of safety, it would make sense to alleviate some of the traffic through the roundabout. I don’t know who owns the property north of Snake Hill. If it belongs to the city or state, why not build a one-way extension of Parkhill Drive from the intersection at Hells Bells to Edmonds? This would allow another exit from Eagle Valley Middle School and the residents of the Riverview area.

It shouldn’t cost a lot to build and may prevent a lot of accidents.


Carson City