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Letter: Senior center issues far from resolved

As the new year approaches, the problems at the Carson City Senior Center have not really been resolved. Some of the problems have been addressed by the governing board, but some of the main staff attitudes have not improved one iota. The general consensus of the staff and their faithful followers is that the small group of dissenters go elsewhere. We shouldn’t have to as our tax dollars go into that center, and why should we have to go to other counties to be treated right?

What would the senior center do if this small group of dissenters were to go elsewhere? We feel there would be a definite void with the loss of the several talents that bring money into the coffers for the center. The so-called dissenters encompass the active artisans in the fields of show biz such as the director, dancers, actors, artists and set painters. In addition, golfers, electricians and maintenance, Toastmaster, DTM, secretaries and business women. They would be sorely missed.

There are also several expert pool players. The Carson Senior Center could never host a pool tournament as do the surrounding centers of Dayton and Silver Springs. When enlarging the thrift shop, they tore up the Carson center’s pool room and won’t repair it. The staff thinks the pool players should foot the bill of somewhere around $1,400. There were originally three tables, now only one table, poor lighting and cramped quarters. And they wonder why we complain.

Several of us worked on the Nevada Day Parade float too, for the center’s glory. That cool, crispy morning, we volunteers got on the float at the center. Hospitality of the staff was lacking as there was no one there to even offer us a cup of coffee. We were on that float for some time without any snacks or water. When we returned to the center, again no one was there to greet us, or with refreshments of any kind. Some reward for all of our time and efforts. And they wonder why we complain.

Speaking of complaining, the suggestion box is a joke. One of the first table groups to put a suggestion in the box about the cold food, potatoes, if I remember correctly, received special attention. The way the staff solved that problem was to remove the table number so the complainers could be easily identified.

Yes, there are still problems at the center. We should be able to go to the center, enjoy good food, a pleasant staff and camaraderie. Incidentally, the cold food was not a result of lip-flapping with our friends. That is one of the pleasantries of coming to the center, to visit and enjoy our friends. Some seniors come only for the food and would probably eat anything that didn’t move. We’ve noticed that the food is improving there, they are trying.

Speaking of good food, The Christmas luncheon was quite good. We wondered where the director was and why she didn’t make an appearance to wish everyone a “Merry Christmas.” We did, however, see the senior services manager come into the dining room to talk with Supervisor Jon Plank. Shouldn’t all of the staff be cordial to all of us seniors, especially at Christmas? As our Toastmaster, DTM friend so aptly and articulately stated at the Nov. 5 governing board meeting at the center, the only time the powers that be are ever seen in the dining room is when some “name” person is present, certainly not to be congenial to the regular seniors there.

We know we dissenters are not irreplaceable, but they would miss a lot of our volunteer hours and expertise. It seems that the ones who are disputing our complaints are the ones who don’t give of themselves by volunteering or helping, just enjoying themselves doing nothing.


Carson City