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Letter: social security

by E. McCarthy

This info is for the edification of the couple who is upset about retired people collecting Social Security. We paid into that program all our working lives. If we receive retirement pay from our former employers, chances are we paid into that program too.

If you want to be upset about retirement pay, here’s your golden opportunity. We have four men (soon to be five) who spent four to eight years in a temporary government job and are now eligible for a yearly pension of $152,000 plus full medical coverage, allowance for staff salaries, staff benefits, travel expenses, rental payments, phone, postage, printing, supplies, equipment, other services and secret service protection.

In 1998, President Ford received $437,630 (he was never elected but appointed by Nixon and serves less than four years); Carter received $398,938; Reagan received $614,028 and Bush received $563,991. These amounts do not include medical costs and secret service protection costs.

The estimated amounts for 1999 are Ford $460,000, Carter $405,000, Reagan $700,000 and Bush $555,000 for a total of $2,219,000.

All I can say is we should all have had that business agent to negotiate our contacts. The only thing he didn’t get our ex-presidents is food stamps. Somehow they all overlooked that little goody.

If you want verification of these figures, request CRS report for Congress dated Jan. 4, 1999.


Carson City