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Letter: speak out on Sunridge Commercial Park

by E. Kruse

This letter is regarding the resident survey of Indian Hills, Sunridge and Valley Vista.

You recently received a survey for the second time asking if you wanted a community center and office complex.

For the second time you overwhelmingly said yes and build it now at James Lee Park obtaining the most cost effective method.

Well, IHGID residents, three of your elected trustees decided you don’t know what you want and voted against a community center. Instead, they favor spending your money to buy new property and building an office in Sunridge Commercial Park.

Please attend the next IGHID meeting and personally voice your opinion! If you can’t attend, drop off a short letter and tell the trustees your vote counts. Let’s pack the meeting room at 924 Mica Drive, on March 16 at 7 p.m.


Carson City