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Letter: taxpayers get to look, not buy Tiburon system

by E. Cantlin

Here we go again. Our illustrious city leaders are plugging their ears, closing their eyes and hoping the city would just go away. I attended the Board of Supervisors meeting Dec. 16.

I felt totally embarrassed, not only for myself but the 100-plus in attendance. The mayor was totally out of line, rude, obnoxious and obstinate. He, along with Supervisor (Robin) Williamson, so much as told a professional consultant the city had hired to evaluate the different companies dealing with the computer-aided software to shut up, you have one more sentence. Well, Mayor, would you like to reimburse me my share of that $14,000 expense?

I, for one, would like to hear what all this consultant’s firm had to say. Every entity from the fire department, sheriff’s department and all committees from the city that have been involved in this venture for the past 32 months, came up with one conclusion, including the hired consultant, and that was the Tiburon was the best choice.

Hello, was anyone listening? Two out of five had their ears open and heard what was said. Now our illustrious mayor wants to waste some more of our tax dollars and go back and evaluate another program, even as one of the developers of this program stated it was nothing more than the basic HTE system with a GUI front end. Well, folks, so far this project has cost us over a hundred thousand dollars plus the professional consultant. Now isn’t it nice that we can spend that kind of money to look but not buy?


Carson City